End of an era… (for me)

The last three years of my life has been in the services of the NSW Digital Education Revolution. Dragged from the obscurity of a Health and Physical Education Teacher doing wacky things with Wiimotes, Laptops, Mobile phones, GPS and any tech I could get my mittens on, into head office to co-led a $28 million dollar professional learning project as part of the NSWDEC delivery of the state wide 1:1 laptop iniative. The program is now at a point of being operationalised and moved to business as usual, something we dreamed we could achieve within 18 months but the reality of education made that timeline a little ambitious. The revolution will go on, where it always belonged in classrooms, faculties, schools and regions. I now get to return to my true passion student learning, as a Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning at Merrylands High School.

  • Change is a marathon, not a sprint
  • Culture trumps everything, usually starting with vision
  • In creating equity there is inequity, but without the attempt to provide equity, the inequity has and will continue to be far greater
  • Everyone has “the answer” but rarely do they have “the question”
  • Leadership is not about me, but about them
  • Talking about change is easy, effecting change takes a whole different skill set
  • There is amazing stuff happening in so many places, it may not be broadcast live on twitter, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening
  • What am I looking forward too?

    • Working with a discrete team on achieving a singular visionĀ of student learning
    • Working under (another) visionary leader
    • Working directly with students
    • Applying what I have learnt working at the state/system level to working within a school community
    • Continuing to blog, just with a new focus
    • Finally: Being the change I want to see in the world


    4 thoughts on “End of an era… (for me)

    1. Ah, finally the mystery is solved ! Congrats on the new role – I am sure you will have much success at MHS (and you get to work with Alice). Look forward to reading of your new adventures at a school close by. Cheers Sue

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