When leadership fails…

Those that know me, know, I like to lead from the front foot or what I call ‘change leadership’. In the last few weeks I have been in a very superficial leadership role in which I had no choice but to watch passivity as leadership failed. I watched quietly as a leader made comments like “I don’t care” when asked for direction/leadership and pulled a highly productive team together moments before a big push to success only to tell everyone to “shut the f**k up”. I tried as best as I could to ‘lead up’ and ‘lead over’ but, I too failed. I was left to use the moments to simply observe the fallout. Whilst it has been personally an extremely frustrating time for me, it has (by deficit modelling) ratified for me what I believe successful leadership looks like.

These are my four pillars of leadership:

Pillar 1: Build a future – collaborating with my team we reflect on the past and present then map a path to where we want to be.

Pillar 2: Talk it up – applying my personal energy and actively seeking communication points I purposely articulate repeatedly the future we want to build.

Pillar 3: Work with others – working across teams, enables everyone to work towards the future efficiently and models collaboration.

Pillar 4: Map the path – employing my network and networking skills I build the future beyond my team and enable them to connect with those who can support them build the future they want to have.

Leadership may have failed, but it won’t take me with it…

One thought on “When leadership fails…

  1. I really like your 4 pillars of leadership. It’d be nice if everyone used this as a guide when dealing with change. Haha…probably not going to happen though. Thanks for sharing, I like your blog.

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