The greatest barrier to change is the fear of admitting we’re not perfect…

The greatest barrier to change in education is the fear of admitting we’re not perfect. Every time we claim awesomeness, when deep down we know we’re not we take another step away from perfection. As long as we claim we’re perfect, we never will be. So today I proudly say:

  1. I’m not perfect
  2. I make mistakes every day
  3. Every decision and project I have lead has never been perfect
  4. I can do better
  5. I desperately want to be perfect!

There I said it, now have you got the guts?

Or will you just claim you’re perfect, so you never have to change because it’s so much easier than looking reality in the eye…

3 thoughts on “The greatest barrier to change is the fear of admitting we’re not perfect…

  1. Hallelujah! Testify! I too am not perfect. In fact, while it can be embarrassing and painful at times, I am proud of my imperfection. I don’t strive for perfection, I just want to do it better next time. We learn from hardship, not from soft ship. Hey I know that is not a word, but who’s perfect? ;-)

  2. I’m Imperfect working with the diagnosed imperfect.
    That’s professionally irksome to many, it makes for special educators and their charges standing on the outside daily, but error making is a most useful tool.

  3. It is very hard admitting that we are not perfect! I have a lot of imperfections, but I always try my hardest to improve.Teachers are defiantly not perfectionist. They have to realize it is okay to mess up on some stuff, but correct your mistake for your student’s sake. For some teachers,it is harder to admit that they are wrong, more than others. We just have to remember it is okay to be wrong sometimes, no one is perfect.

    I go to the University of South Alabama. I am an elementary education major. I love reading your blog! You should follow me on twitter @racbeau, or follow my blog

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