Is a “Hat Tip” really so hard?

In the new world of big brands, badges of self-proclaimed awesomeness and virtual territorialism have we forgotten the hat tip?

I’ve lost count of how many blogs, web pages and self promoters who have taken my ideas and sold them as their own (the ones who have “innovation” in their name just make me chuckle), plagiarism is a totally different issue of professionalism. But in the last 18 months I’ve noticed an increase in educators referring to “someone I work with” in their blog or espousing an idea that blind Freddy’s best mate knows wasn’t theirs on social media channels. So maybe next time you share an idea that others contributed too (no matter how small), why not give ‘em a hat tip!

Is it really that hard…

One thought on “Is a “Hat Tip” really so hard?

  1. Hi Ben – cautious agreement :-)

    When I first began teaching (not that long ago ;-)), territorialism existed with worksheets, methods and ideas and even classroom spaces were guarded with the form of protectionism that you elude too. Never really understood why. My fear with new standards (NSWIT) as with ‘lists’ is that that they will reinforce that ‘isolationist ownership’ of ideas and material as before.

    If we are at a point of encouraging colleagues to “take, share and adapt” our ideas, I agree — the “hat-tip” is surely still a matter of professional and personal respect. Staff morning teas, image and blog source acknowledgement =, as examples, were always and still are important.

    With recent media events confirming my ideas about real “echo chambers” in social media, I wonder if the increase in ‘self-proclaimed awesomeness’ is as widespread as you believe?

    As a leader myself, I have always preferred the odd ‘hat tip’ to any form of ‘badge’, and would add that it was always better when that ‘hat tip’ was unexpected.

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